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Global Fuels

Global Fuels


Headquartered in Dexter Missouri, Global Fuels has a prime location to serve MO, AR, IL, KY, and TN with 5 million gallons of annual biodiesel production.  Global Fuels has provided biodiesel to the region for 7 years and with upgrades and expansion theyt plan to continue providing clean, renewable, and domestic fuel to consumers for years to come.


While the company had been in business for a few years, they did not have an existing web presence.  They did have a logo in place, but it was not professional and was also a very low-quality resolution.


We began by learning about the company, their market and their competitors.  We immediately identified that they would need to update their overall image beginning with a new professional logo and then we would use that as a look and feel to create the rest of their work.  While we had many ideas for a logo, they wanted to stick with something very similar to their existing logo.  While we were a bit limited in creativity, we came up with something that they liked and that we felt still portrayed a professional image.


In the biodiesel market, the primary colors are blue and green.  Therefore, we created a layout that primarily focused on those colors and included lots of images demonstrating how they create biodiesel and the sustainable fuel source they work to create.


We created an interactive service map where Global Fuels could help potential customers quickly identify the services available based on their location.  We also created a “Industry News” section that pulls feeds from Biodiesel and Alternative Fuel publications to create a steady stream of fresh content on their website.


The site is very user-friendly and information is organized and easily accessible.  Most importantly, it is indexed well with search engines and is rapidly gaining in its climb to the top.

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