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Global Harvest Organics

Global Harvest Organics


Global Harvest Organics LLC is a specialty production company manufacturing products such as fertilizer, feed, biomass, and renewable energy pellets. The company manufactures custom environmentally friendly organic products that will replenish soil, build fertilization, provide renewable fuel for energy, and create better growing environments for any type of crop.


This was a new start-up company who quickly needed a website, marketing collateral and also product bags.


We began by learning about the company, their plans for future growth and the market into which they were entering.  We began with a logo design to quickly get marketing collateral under way while we were also building their website.  Once the logo was complete, we created business cards and brochures so they could begin working with distributors.  We used the same look and feel on the website that we created in the brochures, creating a seamless professional appearance.  Finally, we designed their product bags (this was new for us).


Many of the products created by Global Harvest Organics are used in organic gardening and so we created a color scheme and used images that portrayed fresh produce and a clean environment.


Behind the scenes, we created a custom distributor ordering system where clients can make wholesale purchases.   The system plans the route for shipping, calculates the shipping costs, and accepts payment for orders.


It is always fun helping a start-up company because we get to be on the ground-floor of strategic planning and helping to steer the company in the right direction from the beginning.  This company in particular is making tremendous progress and it is always cool to see our design work on the shelves at the store.

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