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Banzai Divers Hawaii

Banzai Divers Hawaii


Banzai Divers Hawaii is a Dive Operation located in Oahu, Hawaii.  Their motto is “passionate divers serving other passionate divers”.  The focus of the company is to provide a very personal and customized dive experience for each of their customers.  They provide many types of dive experiences including boat dives, shore dives, night dives, wreck dives, cave dives and even shark tours!  Also provided is certification and instruction for everything from beginners to master divers.


The company had an existing site that was not performing well in search engines and ultimately resulted in fewer clients.  The existing site was a do-it-yourself online drag and drop program that at first glance had a decent appearance.  But when we looked under the hood, we immediately saw why they were not getting search engine results.  The code was a complete mess.

Our Approach

Our primary goal was to create the proper coding to make sure the search engines would index their site and get them to the front page of google.  Along with that, the previous design did nothing to call customers to action.  Much of the information provided on the previous site was also very confusing.  We spent a significant amount of time researching the company, learning about their services and then determining the best layout to entice web visitors to take action.


One thing Banzai Divers Hawaii had going for them was lots of images they had taken while diving.  We felt this was a very good way to show customers the experiences available to them.  We made sure that the layout of the site featured lots of images taken from under the water.


One of the coolest features we created was an interactive map of Oahu with the dive locations pin pointed around the island.  When users hover over a point, the details of the dive location are displayed along with the types of dives available for that location.  This made it easy for customers to navigate dive sites based on where they were staying on the island and also to determine which dive locations they were most interested in experiencing.


The site is very user-friendly and information is organized and easily accessible.  Most importantly, it is indexed well with search engines and is rapidly gaining in its climb to the top.  It usually takes months to reach the front page of Google and we anticipate this site will be there shortly.



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