• September 6, 2021
  • Business

Introducing Crimson: Our New Billing & Support Sytem

As our business continues to grow, so does our client base. After quite a bit of thinking and planning, we decided to create a separate system to handle our hosting and maintenance plans to better serve you, our clients. We wanted something that would better handle recurring billing – our current invoicing system has some downfalls – and also help us better manage client requests so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Why the name Crimson?

As you may have noticed, we like the color red! Our service runs deep into our projects with custom programming, custom design, and yes, custom hosting plans. We leave our fingerprints everywhere. We envisioned RiotAct Studios red running into every corner of the projects we handle, thus turning everything red or ahem…Crimson!

What are the new features?

Subscription Service: If you are currently paying your recurring billing via credit/debit card, your payments will be moving to our new subscription service. This means instead of receiving an invoice every month and having to pay it, your fees will automatically be billed to your card on file. You will still receive an email receipt of your transaction. If you pay your invoices by check, nothing will change for you.

Manage Your Services: Update your cards on file, delete an email you don’t need any longer, anything that is connected to your account, you will be manage on your own.

Purchase New Services: Need to buy a domain? Add another email? Now you can easily add it to your account through our new website. It will be added to your subscription service and will be automatically billed as needed.

Support Tickets: We don’t want to forget you! When you need help or if you want to schedule some updates on your website, now you will be able to submit a support ticket. This will help us make sure that we get you taken care of as quickly as possible. This will help us schedule our workload and also remind us what needs to be done without losing your tasks in the shuffle.

Knowledge Base: We have started grouping our frequently asked questions and frequent issues into a easy to follow knowledge base. As we continue to receive questions or clients face common issues, we will add those to the knowledge base for others to find. Have a suggestion for information we should add? Let us know!

How Do I Start Using It?

We will begin migrating clients to the new system immediately. When we are ready to migrate your account, we will contact you with the information to access your new account and we will help you set up your billing preferences. We estimate that it will take a couple of months to get all of our clients moved to the new system. Please be patient with us as we work on this!

How Do I Find It?

You can go visit the site right now at https://crimsonpowered.com