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Brand Identity

Consistency is the key to establishing brand identity and to turning your company’s purpose and mission into a visual story. From brand guidelines to logo design, letterheads and everything in between, we develop strong visual identities that proliferate across mediums.

Successfully branding your business or organization is an art form. The idea is to harness the exceptional story, look and feel that perfectly represents your business and resonates with your customers, clients or supporters, and then deliver that brand consistently and skillfully across all your marketing platforms and peripherals.


The most powerful visual identities are memory hooks—consistent, elegant yet simple marks that instantly relate a company’s core values, credibility, and personality. We get to know your business, its personality, and what it truly values. We use this information to inspire designs that capture the essence of your company and convey an effective and authentic feeling.

We’re not talking about just a logo here, either—but that’s certainly a good starting point. We carry visual identities through everything we produce, from site design and marketing materials to style guides, letterheads, business cards and much more.


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